Icelandic Sorcerers in the Books of Black Magic

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Icelandic magic books

Famous Black Books of Legend

*The once highly rich tradition of Icelandic books of magic of the 16th and the 17th centuries has survived only in a fragmentary state. Despite this fact, Icelandic folktales speak about the existence of famous occult books owned by even more famous historically attested sorcerers.

Famous Black Books of Legend

*In Iceland, there are two main texts in the history of black books. The most famous such text is ‘ Raudskinna’. The title of this black book of magic means ‘Red Skin’ and the text was compiled by the Bishop Gottskalk Niklasson the Cruel. He was the bishop of Holar who died in the year 1520.

*As for the book, it is said to be a book of the blackest of magic with knowledge preserved from the Heathen Age. It was said that this book was written with golden letters and runes…

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