Love Spells Without Ingredients That Work Immediately

*There are many kinds of love spells that really work: some are elaborated with many materials like candles, some take time in taking effect, binding with your intent, while some are easy, can be done with little or no ingredients and works immediately. Some more theatrical love spells require tons of different ingredients like candles, precise timing along with the herbs that we can’t simply find or have time to deal with. But then some love spells are easy, are readily binding and come in incredibly handy.

Ever since ancient times, spellcasters and black/white magicians have worked differently. Some spellcasters and traditional healers only use the power of God and good spirits while others use demons and evil spirits. Also, some spellcasters and psychics combine both the white and the dark forces. Most spells use elaborated ingredients, but some spells don’t need anything, not even candles to deliver the desired effects.

Same goes for love spells as well. There are different ways you can do the love spells that purely work or any spell for that matter without ingredients:

1 By Imagination

*You will be surprised that any imaginative exercise can be turned into a powerful spell. Yes, it is true. And, on top of it, you don’t even have to limit yourself to a simple visualization. You could imagine sounds, colors, sensations, concept or anything else, anything you feel that will bring out the results that you desire. However, in casting a powerful spell this way you will have to be very specific, as specific as possible. Otherwise, the binding of spell to your intent will be difficult. The more effort and thought put into your imaginative spell, the better results you will obtain. For more information and help, feel free to contact me.

2. Emotionally Driven Spells

*Well, these are the accidental magic, and most common of them. And it is the same kind of magic behind the evil eye. For using it, binding it to your intent, you will have to harness the power of your emotions for reaching your intention. But naturally, there are a few cautions and warning to these kinds of spells. To begin with, you must feel pretty strong emotion if you want to make it work fast. For example, if you want to cast a spell for happiness, you have to feel happy strongly. If you don’t, you won’t get far with it.

Similarly, if you want to cast a spell for bewitching someone or making them fall in love with you and you are feeling uncertain about that person, the spell won’t work, the binding will fade quickly. The next caution is the kind of spells that are highly volatile. Meaning, you will not have as much control over the spell, its strength and the results both. But if you don’t mind the spell being overly zealous and unpredictable then this is the spell for you. For more help and advise on this contact me.

3. Enchanting

*Enchanting, isn’t it? This process is just about turning normal things into magical ones. This is a very volatile spell since anything can be enchanted for any purpose. There are many ways to do it, but the simplest way is to channel your intent into the item for programming it. And then charge the item again when the spell begins to fade. This spell works better if the object holds some relation to the intention that you have in mind. For example, a mirror for beauty, a compass for the spells of travel, etc. the objects don’t have to be directly related to your intent. But if it has a personal association with your intent rather than traditional one, go ahead with the spell.

These are the favorites of many casters. These spells are quick and can be improvised. There are just so many of them. Many think that for the incantation to be effective, the spell must be long and rhyming. Although a rhyming chant does sound good, it isn’t a criterion for a spell being effective.

*Also, you could empower your words in conversation. Like if you are going in for an interview, just put a little sweetening magic into your words. When talking to your friends about your dream, add some intent to make them turn into reality quickly. But always remember one thing, never phrase these spells into negativity. Its because these spells are freeform, hence, it is easy for messages to get mixed up. And if you focus on what you don’t want, you might end up with a lot more of them, the dump that you are trying to get rid of. So instead, focus on what you want.

*Remember, the key to any spell is your motive and your willpower that you apply behind it more than anything else. And to top it, you must have faith in the positive outcome and the highest power. So, the first thing that you must keep in mind is that you should never cast a love spell or for that matter any spell without cent percent positive motive. Listed below are some free love spells that don’t need ingredients and yet work immediately giving wonderful results. For more information and help, feel free to contact me.

A. Love Spell 1

For this spell, you need a quiet place where you can close your eyes and focus for a few minutes. Now think about the situation or a person you would like to cast a spell on. Let those thoughts and images flood your mind for a few seconds and let yourself imagine their face. Imagine the best you can and try enough to get a clear mental image. Once you can see the face in your mind, tell them everything you feel, and you want them to know. Tell them how you see the relationship in the future. Tell them everything out aloud but in your mind only. You don’t require chanting.

After you have emptied your heart and tell them whatever you wanted, see both of you coming together binder in the kind of relationship you desire. And before opening your eyes, say a prayer for getting help in your relationship and love life. Also, asked to be blessedly gain the love that you desire and that the outcome of the spell is the way you want it. You are done and be sure that the results will be delivered immediately and effectively. For more information and help, feel free to contact me.

B. Love Spell 2

*This second spell is even easier than the one above. If you don’t have much time and you need one spell that you can repeat over and over again at a moment’s notice for increasing its potency, this one is perfect for you. Make the shape of the heart by clutching your hands together, the best you can. You can be as nonchalant as you can be because the shape doesn’t have to be perfect. Now envision the love you want to gain and repeat ‘bring me the love that I need, thank you, heavenly creator, for hearing me.’ You are done. For more information and help, feel free to contact me.

C. Love Spell 3

*This is one powerful spell that doesn’t need any ingredient or candles, and also it gives fast results immediately and effectively. But you must only follow the basics of the spell casting. So, if you want to attract someone and want to get the attention of someone, go for this spell. Take a picture of the person you want to be attracted to you and put the picture in your room. Or, put it on the table or the wall, either will do. The photo should be good quality, good enough to make you feel you are living with that person.

Upon waking, look into the eyes of the person and wish them good morning with all your love. Offer their favorite food and gifts by placing them right in front of the picture. And then before going to bed wish them goodnight the same way you wished morning, with all your love.

Do this for at least a month. When you start feeling like the person is present in your life and as the feeling comes, sit in front of the photo on the night of the growing moon and take the person’s name and say this chant. ‘My beloved, you already do live near me, and you already have a place in my life. So, come to me, hug me and kiss me. I will always take care of you. I will feed you tasty food and will shower you with gifts and love. I am waiting for you.’

D. Love Spell 4

*This spell is called throat singing. This is the most ancient spell that uses no ingredients. For this spell, you need to rest well for five days and then fast for three days up to your will. On the day of casting the spell, make sure the person for whom you are doing the spell is at home. To begin the spell, sit down with your back straight and relax. Close your eyes and focus, the start throat singing or chanting in the following manner:

1. Repeat your beloved’s name multiple times.

2. Ask your beloved to “hear” you.

3. Ask your beloved to love you.

4. Repeat your beloved’s name multiple times yet again.

5. Repeat your previous commands.

6. And lastly, seal your magic by saying that your beloved should follow all your commands and must not disobey you.

**Remember, sealing is important in many magic that doesn’t use ingredients.

Love spells without ingredients or candles can only be cast successfully if done only by the ones that have reached their upper chakras in their stages of development. These spells need heart, throat, and head chakras along with the smaller chakras of face, chest, and hands. Most people don’t know or are aware of these chakras, and hence they don’t train these in chakras often. It is, however, the smaller and not well-explored chakras that give the caster true powers of magic, enabling them to successfully cast spells without ingredients, especially love spells including the most complex ones. Thus giving them results immediately and successfully. For more information and help, feel free to contact me.

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