Santeria. What are Santeria Spell?

Santeria and Black Magic Spells

Santeria is a set of religious systems that fuse Catholic beliefs with the Yoruba traditional culture. Learn how to use it to change your life Santeria is a faith that blends West African magic with Caribbean tradition and Roman Catholicism. Learn more about what Santeria is. santeria love spells, santeria money spells, santeria protection spells, yoruba rituals for money, how to use african black magic

Many have portrayed this old form of magic known as Santeria as only rituals where sacrifices of animals are done and that devil are worshiped. But the truth, I fear is something else. If we look deeply in the history of Santeria then we will find that Santeria in itself is a religion of the old world, which has lot of power, beauty and knowledge to learn from. This form of religion originated from the Yoruba habitants of Africa, now known as Nigeria, and is one of the most powerful magical religions as of date. Thou much of the meaning of Santeria is explained as worshiping the devil but if we understand then the name Santeria itself proves that it has nothing to do with the devil because the name Santeria is a Spanish term which if translated would mean worshiping the saints and hence it is believed that the saints when worshiped would come down to earth to help, console and give power to the followers and people who pray for it.Santeria Magic Spells

We should also know the fact that all the santeros or priest of Santeria religion are good herbalist because most of the rituals and ceremonies performed within this religion are bound to use herbs and flowers as a component or ingredient of magic. It is believed that the main reason behind performing a magic spell in Santeria is to get the power of the saints or what is better known as the ashe, to complete a specific need or attain a goal.

Santeria combines influences of Caribbean tradition, West Africa’s Yoruba spirituality, and elements of Catholicism.

To become a Santero, or high priest, one must pass a series of tests and requirements prior to initiation.

In a landmark 1993 case, the Church of Lakumi Babalu Aye successfully sued the city of Hialeah, Florida, for the right to practice animal sacrifice within a religious context; the Supreme Court determined that it was a protected activity.

Santeria is a fairly complex system, because it blends the Yoruba orishas, or divine beings, with the Catholic saints. In some areas, African slaves learned that honoring their ancestral orishas was far safer if their Catholic owners believed they were worshiping saints instead – hence the tradition of overlap between the two.Santeria Magic

The saints are worshiped in different forms of deities and are known as orishas and the priest who practice the form of worshiping are known as santero, but to attain priesthood in santerian religion one has to go through three level of initiation, thus Santeria is often also termed as the religion of initiation. This religion believes in only one god and who has many saints in the form of orishas and each orishas controls different aspect of nature and human behavior, it is believed that only the babalawo or the high priest can summon orishas and then the power is passed down to santeros to perform different duties as needed.


Santeria being a closed religion has drawn lot of wrong advertising about the fact that animals are sacrificed while performing rituals and even the santeros do not come in the lime light to prove the same and give viable reasons to support of why and what kind of animals are sacrificed, yet at least this much has been known by common man that in very few rituals and ceremonies performed, at times sacrifices of only chickens are made, and that too are later consumed or eaten by the santeros themselves. However since the santeros remain quite on explaining the fact of why chickens are sacrificed in some few rituals, hence the delusion of animal sacrifice prevails sternly giving Santeria religion a look of being evil.

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